Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you treat?

Welcome! Serenity was created for the treatment and support of women, transgender men, and people assigned female at birth. I aim to provide a safe space to help support birthing individuals of all ages through conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Please reach out to see if we will be a good fit for each other! 

What can I expect during my pelvic physical therapy sessions?

Initial evaluations and follow-up sessions are 60 minutes. At your initial appointment, I will be asking several questions about you and your condition in order to get a full understanding of your unique situation. Share as many details as you feel comfortable with. I will also do a comprehensive evaluation of your body's posture, flexibility, strength, coordination, and other details. This may or may not include an internal pelvic exam to assess your pelvic floor muscles and tissue health. Follow-up sessions will continue where we left off at the initial evaluation (as needed) and adjust as needed until you have met your goals.

What should I wear to my physical therapy sessions?

There is no dress code for pelvic PT sessions. Wear whatever you feel most comfortable in! If certain clothing items are needed for follow-up sessions, I will inform you of my recommendations. There is a convenient bathroom in the clinic for you to change in as needed.

Do I have to do internal treatments?

Informed consent is essential to my practice. At Serenity, you will always be provided with education on why I recommend certain evaluation and treatment options. You never "have to" participate in any evaluation or treatment, and will always be given the opportunity to accept or decline any option throughout your care. If I recognize any sign that it is not appropriate to continue with a treatment, I will stop treatment immediately and discuss your alternative options with you. Although internal pelvic floor exams are a very helpful tool to help you progress, there are other options to help you achieve your goals!

How much does a physical therapy session cost?

Initial evaluations and follow up pelvic physical therapy sessions are a $150 out of pocket cost per session. As insurance tends to set limitations on how often you can be treated and which techniques I can use to help you, I have declined to be in network with any insurance plans. This will allow us greater flexibility with creating a plan of care that best suits your personal needs. 

I am also happy to provide a Super Bill detailing your charges, diagnosis codes and other necessary insurance information for you to submit to your insurance for partial reimbursement after receiving treatment. Please contact your insurance company to see if your plan accepts Super Bills for reimbursement of out of network costs.

How much do your birth doula services cost?

My birth doula services cost $1300 out of pocket. I am willing to negotiate costs based on your circumstances. Please reach out and we can discuss your options. It is an honor for me to be considered as part of your birth team!

Can I bring my kids to my session?

Your children are welcome to join you at your session! Older children can hang out in the cozy waiting area, we will do our best to entertain your young ones, I have a bouncer and playmat for baby to use, and you are always welcome to feed your babies while here. Let's not let childcare access get in the way of your progress. You can learn and achieve plenty while your children are with you, I promise!

Head shots and clinic photo credits to Samantha Pestka Photography https://www.facebook.com/s.p.photography19/